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Readers Respond: How Do You Deal With An Itchy Rash?

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Updated November 09, 2009

From the article: Does Your Rash Itch?
An itchy rash can range from a little annoying to downright nerve-wracking. Most of the time actually scratching the rash can cause even more problems. Once you've seen the doctor and have a treatment plan, you still have to wait for the medicine to start working. That means you still have to put up with the itching. Do you try meditation, try not to think about it, go ahead and scratch any way, or something else? Share your tips for not going bonkers while you're waiting for your medication to start working.

scabies itch relief?!

my 19 month old son had scabies and we could not find a relief of the itching... but one thing that i found that has givin him relief more then creams an benedryl is giving him a luke warm to colder (not to cold) bath them covering his entire body in vaseline. head to toe then put footy pajammas on him. he slept all night not waking up from itching!! and if you put enough on it last's all night. now if your bigger then a 19 month old, instead of footy pj's try socks long sleeve an sweats.
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