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Readers Respond: What Do You Do When People Stare at You or Ask About Your Psoriasis?

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Updated September 29, 2009

From the article: What Causes Psoriasis

I have a patient with psoriasis who recently had a terrible flare when she had to stop Raptiva. For a month she didn't want to be in public because people would stare at her or ask her questions about her rash that bothered her.

Have you ever encountered this? If so, how did you handle it? Did you say something sarcastic? Tell them to mind their own business? Use the opportunity to explain what psoriasis is and why they should be contributing money for ongoing research? Share your experiences.

Ignore it!

Where I come from, people do stare but generally don't ask questions. When I get stared at, i ignore it. It's really not their concern about my skin conditiong. the Kids at work ( I work in a day care)just ask how I got my Owie and i explain to them that it's my skin. One time I told some kids I was turning into a snake...
—Guest Becki

Usually kind

Most people who stare at me usually have the guts to ask what happened. Most people think i banged my elbows from a fall. Little kids ask whats on my body and i say 'boo boos' In general when people ask i tell them about it because i want them to know and understand what i have to go though day to day.
—Guest Jessica

its tough but you need to accept first

if one thinks that this will let it affect thier life..then it will. do not believe that it will affect your life more than it does, which is cause embarrasment/awkwardness or go without clothes on the beach etc. I likes when someone above said that just explain it as an allergy, rather than getting into details. you could add that it is not contagious to someone who seems concerned. Lastly, make reasons to be proud of yourself besides appearance.
—Guest gautam

dont like it at all.

im 18 and knew i has the curse since i was 12 covered it well for bout 4 years until i had a serious breakout and it never went away my back and chest were really bad but my face didnt even flake really just red and horrible that week alone i had 9 fist fights over it with ignorant people even at 16 i was a big dude like 6,2 and about 220lbs muscle with rage inside me, nw i am on methotrexate my chest is better and my back but my fave is pinky to slight red luckily my girlfriend doesent mind and 'geases me up'' as she says haha every nite were 2geather and its a big help cos i cant really reach my back, im rambling now anyway to put frank if some1 has a proplem wit my skin i will tell em and if they dont listen and make fun there gonna get hurt. lol lol :):):)

It is what it is

I only have it on my legs and arms (elbow area)... I just explain that it's an immune disease, that my body fights my skin and there's no cure.... It completely disapears during the summer, but I have to make sur I go out in the sun often…. It comes back during the witnter time, it takes a long time for it to come back, it looks bad by the end of the winter… Let me go now cause it’s burning and I have to apply some Aveno :-P
—Guest Marcos

It's a Terrible

I was in 10th grade when it was diagnosed first. My classmates make fun out of it. I lost my high profile 4-5 jobs even my career, Still people stare at me. But my Dermatologist told me that this is similar like Diabetis, BP so I tell everyone the same and divert other to some other subject. I always cover my skin fully while appearing in public. Now most people know about this so Thanks God.
—Guest Sarang

No Problem

I have never had overtly rude behavior directed at me because of this. What I usually do is control the conversation, bring attention to my lesions, matter of factly explain that it's just psoriasis, which is a non-contagious incurable but treatable autoimmune disease that I just live with. That is usually the end of that topic of conversation. When I was first diagnosed with it, I was embarrassed about it. Not any more. I just don't care who knows or notices. I wear short-sleeved golf shirts and shorts in the summer all of the time. It's a non-issue.
—Guest Norm

I am Just Me

I tell people that I am pokied dotted and I have fun with it. The only thing I dont like its 90% of my body and I am always sick. Every thing I have tryed has Burned or the shots removed Just make me even sicker then I was before I got the shot But I had clear skin and no one saw it I was sick in bed. But I can handle anything people say at me. but I also tell them to look it up and read and understand
—Guest Tina Wasson

handle with care

when i started it was like a dandruff and i will always ask my friend to scratch it by comb everyday. to my suprise the next day it will there again and not the whole scalp but certain parts of my scalp. at home they started to say i must use my own comb. i wnt to many Dr's and they gave me lots of ointment that were not helping me, i spent lots of money. i was refer to Grotte Schuur Hospital the first day i was there a dematologies told i had psoriasis, in between i had soe joints especially my heel,hip and knees were stiff in the morning. after some time attending clinics there they told me i have psoriatic arthritis. the pain persisted with out any pills that help me. after some years they told me its fibomyalgia wich s so painfull some times i can't bear the pains. when people look at me i did not mind cause i knew there is nothing i can use to take it out. if someone approach me i start to explain what is it. i accept things that i cannot change, its not easy just as God
—Guest pinkie


Well, I first had symptoms of my psoriasis when I got back from florida and had white patches.People asked about it but it wasn't bad (a flare) until a year later when it was so dry it was scaly and kids in school would come up to me and ask if I had a disease and if they would get it. I almost cried the first time, but my best reaction was just to explain that I had gone to the doctor and that they said it was psoriasis and that sometimes my skin just looks like that and that its not contagious. I'm sure there are more creative ways to deal with it, but what do you say when someone thinks you have some exotic disease? lol :/
—Guest GuestM

oh well

i just said that i was having an allergic reaction. it's better that way because people know what allergies are and they're "normal" while psoriasis is an unknown thing to most people and most don't understand it, while allergies are things most people have dealt with
—Guest keeshaaa

not psoriasis but similar

I have vitiligo and go through the same--stares and questions. I handle it in several ways--stare back, ignore, or politely explain what my condition is when asked.
—Guest landbc

who has the problem?

If someone is rude to you in any way you should watch how you (your mind) responds to the rudeness.If you respond in a negative way who you THINK you are will be hurt.Watch your thoughts.If you dont respond in any way at all,then who has the problem?THEY DO!Always watch your thoughts and how you are going to react,and then dont react in the way you always used to.This takes practice but i can assure you that it works.100% .Again:If you (your mind) does not react in the same old way then who has the problem?They with their puffed up ego has the problem and no one else.They were rude because they thought it would give them more power over you.Dont react because if you do you become their SLAVES.They are very ignorant people but they dont know that yet.Best Regards:Norman.PS:Practice this and do not become anyones slave.BE FREE OF THEM.
—Guest norman

your arms remind me of splattered paint

you really do know how to make a woman feel good thankyou
—Guest susan
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