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Readers Respond: What do You do When You Get a Herpes Outbreak?

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Updated February 24, 2010

I don't know anybody who would say they enjoy having herpes. But I do know people who say they feel like they can handle their herpes outbreaks. Herpes doesn't define these people. They manage their outbreaks in various ways and still live their lives. How do you manage your outbreaks? Do you get upset every time you have one? Do you take medicine for an outbreak or just get through it? Do you tell anyone when you have an outbreak?


Most time I just tough it out. I do have Valtrex and Herplex that I take weekly. My outbreaks tend to happen on my low back region...A major nuniance and bother. Because I like to workout, this makes it quite hard to do things like sit-ups. I sometimes cover the outbreak with a band-aid until the pimple breaks or dries up. Hot baths and showers help. My self-esteem is sometimes affected by this also. I tend to avoid anything with nuts and nut products as that seems to bring on an outbreak. Eating more green vegetables such as broccoli along with a fiber-rich helps keep things working smoothly in the body so that there is no stress.
—Guest Gotit


I can handle it. Does not hurt. Clears in seven days, but it's on the thigh.
—Guest harry

Should You or Shoudn't You

The only time I mention my Herpes II is if I really, really, like a guy and I tell him right off the bat what I have and that I'm giving him the opportunity to find someone else or stick with me. Needless to say, they play if off like I'm so busy and blah, blah, blah. At least say that you just want to be friends or something, don't give me that lame excuse. I try not to like a lot of guys because of my Herpes II among other things. Why like them and get my feelings hurt in the end?. What's the point? Plus, on top of that I have a Bipolar Disorder that has been under control for several years (knock on wood) My Herpes (so far) has also been under control for several years. I take Valtrex faithfully everyday. But I guess if I was talking to someone with these 2 conditions I would run too. (I also tell them that I have a Bipolar Disorder, as well.

What do you do when you get a herpes out

I get more of the shingles outbreak on my right hip/buttock area. DMSO works wonders and well as having a session with Quantum Biofeedback - Vibrational Medicine.
—Guest noexcuse
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