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Dry Skin Causes - Dermatology - About.com
Feb 13, 2014 ... Dry skin is a common problem that affects many people in varying degrees. For some people it's a mild annoyance, but for other people it's ...
Skin Care for Dry Skin - Best Soaps for Dry Skin - Dermatology
Dec 16, 2014 ... Most soaps, especially bar soaps, dry the skin out. Liquid cleansers are much less damaging to the skin, and several types of liquid cleansers ...
Is Water Good or Bad for Dry Skin? - Dermatology - About.com
May 15, 2014 ... Plain water that comes in contact with the skin actually dries the skin out. Find out what what you can do to treat your dry skin.
How to Tell If You Have Dry Skin - Beauty - About.com
As we age, our skin can become dry as hormones change. Here's how to tell if your skin is dry and how to work with it.
Characteristics of Dry Skin - Skin Care - About.com
Do you deal with dry skin? Find out what the characteristics of dry skin are and see if you fall in this range.
Treating Acne in Those With Dry Skin - About.com
Dec 16, 2014 ... Because acne treatments by their very nature are drying, treating your acne with dry skin can be quite challenging. But with the right steps, you ...
28 Tips to Keep Winter Dry Skin at Bay - Skin Care - About.com
Head-to-toe, you need to change up your routine and maybe even your products. If you are dealing with dry skin this winter, check our our 28 Tips for Dry Skin in ...
Best 25 Tips to Fix Dry, Itchy Skin - Beauty - About.com
Dry Skin Fixes. 25 dry skin fixes for the hands, feet, face and lips. Find out how to soothe dry, itchy skin.
Children's Dry Skin - Pediatric Dermatology - Pediatrics - About.com
Dec 16, 2014 ... Dry skin is a common problem for kids, especially in the summer and winter seasons. Learn how to prevent and treat your child's dry skin ...
Skin Care FAQs - Help Me With Extremely Dry Skin
Skin Care FAQs - How can I take care of my extremely dry skin?
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