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Halo Nevus
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A halo nevus is a mole that is surrounded by round, symmetric depigmented area, or a halo. The halo itself has sharply demarcated borders. There are no melanocytes, or cells that make melanin, in the halo area. Halo nevi develop spontaneously, usually in adolescence, on the trunk, but sometimes on the palms and soles. A person can have just one halo nevus or several halo nevi.

The incidence of vitiligo may be increased in people who have halo nevi. Melanoma can rarely occur in a halo nevus, but in those cases, the nevus has atypical features and the depigmented ring is not symmetric.

Generally, a halo nevus does not have to be removed unless it has atypical features. Removing the nevus does not cause the halo portion to get darker. For this reason, removal can cause a noticeable scar in an area of lighter skin color.

Pronunciation: HAY-loh NEE-vus • (noun)

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